Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mr. Fashinoista

My son likes to change clothes about 
one hundred times a day. 

exhibit a

Most days my kids get to pick what they want to wear. 
Which means most days they have on some ummm....interesting outfits.
But when you have 4 little people you got to let some things go.
We do have some basic dressing criteria...
As long as it's
-modest (dresses or skirts have to have shorts or leggings under them)
-seasonally appropriate (even this I am pretty lenient on)
I'm usually fine with it. 
Wesley is by far my most creative dresser.

He loves to dress up and would wear a collared shirt and vest (or tie) every day if he could. 
He calls button down shirts his "work shirts" because Aaron wears one to work everyday. 

Some days when I tell him to get dressed he comes down in jammies. 

Or boardshorts.

Some days he wants to wear jeans and cowboy boots (even if it is 100 degrees out) or his sisters flip flops.

The other day he found one of Hudson's shirts in his closet (they share a closet) and tried to put it on.  
When we told him it was Hudson's he said, "I was wondering why it was so small."

Collared shirt and Camo

He also tends to put things on backwards

and sometimes he goes the whole day without me noticing.

It is only 95 degrees out and those clothes are only 2 sizes too big. 

He also loves this superhero dress up clothes. 
And beanies.
And his slippers.
Preferably together. 
In the middle of a hot day.
Here he is cooling himself off in front of the fan...I have no idea why he is so hot :)

Oh would be so boring without you! 
Thanks for always keeping us on our toes and making us laugh. 
We love you silly boy!


Laura said...

My 6 year old went through a phase of wearing the shirt, tie, vest, and dress pants. He called thrm his "Cool Dude clothes"! For Easter he had a suit coat, too, and now it's known as his "Pastor Robert outfit" in honor of our senior pastor. The other day he was dressed as Ironman, our 8 year old girl was dressed in a Jack Sparrow costume (garage sale!), and our almost 11 year old daughter was in a Darth Vader costume while carrying her Vera Bradley purse she got as an early birthday present! The crazy continues for many years, and I love it!

Lauren Richards said...

I can't stop laughing at the picture of him wearing Hudson's shirt! So funny!