Friday, May 9, 2014

A peek at our week(s)

 Yay it's Friday! 
This weekend we are celebrating our baby girl's 3rd birthday!
She's the 2 year old who thinks and acts like she's 5 
but I still can't believe she's really going to be 3. 
Three just seems so much older.
I also just got rid of all of Hudson's bibs and burp cloths. 
I'm not good at this whole kids growing up thing. 
at all. 

Anyways, here's a peek at our last couple of weeks through the lens of my trusty iPhone. 
You can also follow me @lubirdbaby on instagram if you wanna. 

 This dahlia makes me happy.
Sometimes I sneak outside just to look at it and get some fresh air when I'm folding my 20th load of laundry. 

Those foxes and this cutie are the perfect combination. 

We are so glad Uncle Dave and Aunt Amy got to come visit us from New York. 
And I'm dreaming of the day we get to go visit them there. 

These blooms sure are pretty but I can't wait until this tree is full of the real deal (pomegranates). 

My poor guy has this one crazy patch of eczema that will not go away! 
We are pretty sure he's allergic to something (I may have spent a whole day collecting poo samples which is right on the top of my things I never want to do again list). 
We are hoping to figure it out soon. 

 after breakfast messes 

my biggest and littlest 

The other day we ripped out a ton of old stuff and replanted all of these pretties 

This is me (with a huge tub on my lap) on the way to Queen Bee. 
Every square inch of our car was packed to the max! 

 Here's a peek at my booth. 

I had such a great time meeting so many wonderful people! 
It's such a blessing to be able to do what you love.
Thanks for all your support!

My cousin scored this gem from Salty Bison. 
I'm planning on sharing some of my Queen Bee scores too (soon!)

We decided to stay in San Diego an extra day after Queen Bee was over and go to the San Diego zoo. 

These boys. 
Love them so.

Wesley and Maddie started swim again. 

Aaron's 97 year old great grandma is one talented lady! 
My favorite are her paintings of old sailors. 

We pretty much only buy the kids toys on their birthdays and Christmas but they had been begging to get some Legos so we let them earn money by doing extra chores around the house so they could save up and buy a set. It took them 5 long weeks of working hard, being patient and saving but they did it! And they were so excited! 

After surviving 2 kids getting their blood drawn at 7:30 a.m. we did what any human would do. 
Go to the donut shop.  

A selfie we had to take for a fun get to know the vendors of Queen Bee thing on instagram 

I'm not competitive or anything. 
I just love to win. 

Be cheerful, it's contagious. 

4 kids in a room is mostly awesome but sometimes it gets a little cray cray in there. 

The hubby and I also got to sneak out while we were in San Diego for a date night at Stone Brewery. 

Best investment ever. 
All day every day. 

Victory! A natural smile 

I think I'll just keep you "two and a halves" forever. 

I just want to squish her all day long. 

Kenzie's Earth day project. 
Can you tell what it is?

Yesterday I got to go on a field trip to the farm with Mackenzie (and 60 other kindergartners). 
Now I want a farm. 

How amazing is this peacock we saw at the farm? 
The picture doesn't even do it justice. He was incredible! 

How was your week? 


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