Thursday, May 22, 2014

Boy stuff (NEW towels)

There is definitely a lack of cute boy stuff out there. 
If you go to a boutique or craft fair you know what I mean.
There are usually 100 vendors selling cute bows, skirts, aprons, dresses, headbands, jewelry, etc. etc.
If are lucky you can find a handful of vendors that are selling fun, cute things for boys. 
Well I'm on a mission to change that. 
One towel at a time. 
Haha. Not really, but I do have some cute new boy fabrics available in the shop
They were all personally picked out by my boy (and I got a ton of requests for them at Queen Bee Market) so hopefully you and your little guys like them too. 

Also...don't forget to enter our giveaway if you haven't already. 
Maybe you will win one of your own! 
It ends Friday so don't dilly dally.    

NEW Star Wars print on a dark grey towel 

NEW Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle print on a lime green towel 

NEW Superhero print on a black towel 
*This print was previous sold on a grey towel but I'm switching things around and will now only be sold on black. I do have a few left on dark grey in the shop though if you prefer it on that. 


Homemaking Challenged said...

LOVING the cute BOY things! My son would love ANY one of those awesome towels. Your model is super cute too. :)

Tracy said...

My daughter would love any of those too! She has a stay at home dad who has taught her all the Star Wars names and just took her to see Spiderman 2 Hhaha!

Unknown said...

Daniel loves his. :)

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