Monday, May 12, 2014

Cargo bike

Have you guys seen these awesome cargo bikes?

 I didn't even know something this wonderful existed. 

*thank you random lady in this picture for showing me what this bike is capable of

See that big giant tub thing in the back?
It has two bench seats that you kids can sit on (with seat belts!). 
Finally something I can fit all 4 of my kiddos into. 
And it comes in aqua no less. 

Match made in heaven. 
Now all I have to do is start saving. 
And exercising. 
Pulling 4 kids in that thing will be awesome and heavy. 


Cortney said...

I've seen a handful of these in Boise... Especially in the North End. We knew people that built a shade for theirs too. I think they would be a blast!

Carole Powell said...

This reminded me of an article from a few years back. You may end up looking like this some day ;)

johnalex said...

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