Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My poor hubby

My poor hubby just found that he is allergic to everything. 
Well I don't want to be overly dramatic.
He's only allergic to 39 different foods (and like every grass, mold, tree and weed). 
I mean seriously who is allergic to lettuce?! 

I posted this list on the fridge so we can cry every time we look at it. 

I went to the grocery store today and started reading labels and then cried even more. 
I think it's impossible to find pre packaged/store bought things without soy (I hate you soy. You are in everything), yeast, onion, dairy or corn in it. 

I was already having a hard time meal planning when we ate like normal humans. 
And now this. 
It seems so overwhelming. 
But I'm sure there has to be some really creative people with cooking skills out there. 
Please share some easy recipes that don't have anything listed above (the things with a one by them are ok). 
Pretty please. 
Thank you!!
I posted the full results below so you can see what he CAN eat. Everything is based on a number scale. 4's are the most severe and 1's are the least. If it's blank it means he's not allergic at all.
Praise God coffee is blank. 

*I'm sure someone is going to ask...after an endoscopy Aaron found out he has esophagitis (it was sometimes hard for him to swallow) which led to the thought that he has allergies, which lead to all the allergy testing and the results above. 


Southern Homemaker said...

I feel your pain! Food allergies are the worst! Hardest on momma who does all the food work.

Caroline said...

Poor Aaron!
And poor Kristin!
I wish a lot of wisdow to you!

Andrea said...

Oh man food allergies are the worst and well heck allergies in general suck, I agree soy is in every boxed item out there except enjoy life products they are soy,dairy,mustard and nut free as well as some other common allergens we love their products.
Good luck on this new journey because it is absolutely that!

monika said...

That is really overwhelming!! Im bit late with this comment, but thought i drop a line anyway...
How have you been coping with the "food challenge " so far, Kristin?
My daughter is allergic to dairy, egg, soy and nuts...and when she was diagnosed at nearly 1' we got an appointment with dietitian which was great! Totally recomend, not only they help to make sure the means arre nutritionally ballance, but best, they do know the stuff on the market and can advise with suitable products for replacement and other tips.
Another thing that i learnt there is focus on the positive, on stuff Aron can eat and try to write this down. Hopefully this helps to see theingredients that you can use together to make a yum meal. Good luck!

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Teresa Halminton said...

:( Such a big list! Food allergies are the worst
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