Monday, July 20, 2009

Wesley's Quilt

I love making quilts for my kids.
They are a blanket of love from their Mommy.
This weekend I finally finished Wesley's quilt.
I think it is my favorite one yet.

Almost all of it was made from fabric I already had. I love the combination of blues, greens and brown with different patterns.

Perfectly imperfect.

Simple, but not boring.
All boy!

This is the back...brown with white dots.

All ready for Wesley to come.
*Minus the fact that his sister is still sleeping in his crib...hopefully she will be in the big girl bed soon. I think she's ready but I don't know if I am.


Jennifer said...

Beautiful! A stripey quilt is on my to-do list. I am sitting here really admiring yours. The colors are great!

Simply Sara said...

SO so Beautiful!
Great job!

Our girls are 13 months apart.
Rather than buy a new crib we had our big girl graduate into her big girl bed at 15 months. (we had our baby in the bassinet for a couple months.)

And, she totally surprised us! I was very nervous to have her in a bed where she could crawl out at any time, but she went right to sleep!
Now, naps were a different story...she loved to empty out all the clothes from her dresser :)
Fun, fun, fun!
It took a couple weeks but then she was good at going down for naps too.

I'm sure your little one will do great too :)

Brittany said...

I love it!

Karin Marie said...

Love this! How did u make this? Did you sew the lines over it to actually "quilt" it or no? I wanna make a quilt for my girlies but it looks hard..any tips?

Thanks! Love your blog & your kids names! :)
Karin Marie :)