Wednesday, September 9, 2009

T-Shirt Kids Apron Tutorial

Mackenzie loves to craft
and get very, very messy in the creative process.
Since I am a little challenged when it comes to stain removal
and it's getting too cold to let Mackenzie work in just her diaper
I figured it was time to make an apron.

The T-Shirt Apron

Do you have a little chef or artist that loves to get messy while creating their masterpieces?
Turn an old T shirt into an apron to protect your little Picasso's clothes.

Step 1:
Grab and old T-shirt

Step 2:
Lay your shirt down (aligning the side seams) and cut from the collar to under the arm holes, removing the sleeves.

*I think it is better to cut closer to the collar than I did in the picture above. Or if you are scared of cutting off too much you can go back later and trim it up like I did.

Step 3:
Turn the shirt over. On the back side, draw a line (with a fabric pen or chalk) down the center of the shirt. Then draw two lines, each 3 inches away from the center line.

Step 4:
Cut along the collar and down the 3 lines you just made. You should now have 2 stripes from your T- shirt. Please note that the collar of the shirt should still be intact!

Step 5:
Cut a line from the collar to the shoulder of the shirt on each side. This will open up the back of the apron and finish off the neck hole.

Step 6:
Cut along the side seams of the shirt on both sides.

Step 7:
Pin the stripes to the front of the shirt under the arm holes.

Step 8:
Sew to create the apron ties.

Ta Da!
A new apron for your little chef or artist!

front view

*The neck hole on the shirt ended up being a little big on Mackenzie so I cut through the center of it and tied it together to make it tighter (see picture above).

Let me know if you have any questions!


Lo said...

I LOVE that!!! thanks for sharing! :)

Us Simple Girls said...

A FAB idea! We are always into messes and this is a practical, great solution!


D2the4thPower said...

What a GREAT idea! I am definitely going to have to try this for my little artist! Thanks for sharing!

Cori said...

That is so cute & creative. I love your ideas!

Kari @ Ucreate said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea!! So easy and a great way to save $!

Lauren said...

This looks like a FANTASTIC idea! You are soooo creative! Love it!

Polly said...

Love this idea!! thanks, Polly @

Tui said...

Thanks so much for this tutorial. For a school project, my 11-year-old son had to make an item of clothing using something he had recycled. He needed only a little help from me to make this apron himself, using your step-by-step instructions.

Alisa said...

I am definitely going to have to try this for my little artist! Thanks for sharing!

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chhipa said...

Wow what an Idea so cute ...:)

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(Single)Mommy said...

What a great idea I can't wait to try!!

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