Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wedding in the Potato State

Remember these super cool invitations for my cousin's wedding?

Well last weekend was the Big day!
We packed our family on a plane and headed to Boise, Idaho.

We had such a fun time exploring the city and spending time with family.

And the wedding...
Hands down the coolest wedding I have been to. Ever.

Here we are...the Sellars' clan

The wedding was at the Bride's parent's house.

They had a huge driveway that lead up to their house so they asked everyone to park on the street and provided tractors to take everyone up to the ceremony.

Are you freaking out already? How awesome are these old doors!

The Bride's brother built this, the altar and a bunch of other amazing things out of old barn wood.

The altar.
Totally reminds me of Anthropologie.
and I heart that store.

The happy couple.

I love all the fun details they added.
The seating chart nailed to more old barn wood.

The center pieces.
A birdcage...seriously!
This wedding was just for me :)

Lemonade, water and ice tea in mason jars

yummy, yummy food

Love the hanging lights.
They looked so pretty at night.

Pie anyone?

It keeps getting better.

For the cake topper
Little birds that looked like the bride and groom.

Such a beautiful and fun wedding.
Mackenzie stole the dance floor.
She busted her moves all night long and loved every second of it.


We had a couple days before and after the wedding to explore Boise.

All of my cousin's fell in love with this fun coffee shop.

Even though Boise is Idaho's biggest city it had a small town charm.
You would never see something like this in the OC.

Or this.
A rope swing into some random lake we had to hike to get to

We visited a bounce house/Monkey bar place to let Mackenzie burn some energy at.
I think Aaron and I had as much fun as she did.

Went to the Saturday Farmer's Market

Ate breakfast at Cracker favorite!

We also ate at a yummy Brazilian restaurant to celebrate my brother's birthday.

Aaron and I lived in Brazil for a few months and have been back multiple times so we were in heaven eating our favorite food.

We had such an amazing time on our little vacation
but by the time our getaway was over we were all exhausted.
And ready to be home sweet home.


Lauren said...

I just had to comment on such original, creative and fantastic wedding decor! Amazing details! How fun!

Aurora said...

What an amazing wedding...I've never seen anything like it! Thanks for sharing all the fun, unique details!

holly-lynn said...

that altar is amazing! gorgeous wedding! i introduced my husband to cracker barrel this weekend, he's from philly & had never ate there before!

linda @ Craftaholics Anonymous said...

Totally love the weeding decor! If I were getting married again, I'd totally steal some ideas!

linda @ Craftaholics Anonymous said...

I meant wedding, not weeding! lol