Thursday, September 24, 2009

Problem solved

I love sewing because you can create whatever you want.

When Mackenzie was younger we would put her food on her highchair.
A few pieces at a time.
Because she is a little piggie
and would stuff as many pieces of food in her mouth as she could.
And since I'm not a nurse
I tired to avoid the heimlich maneuver at all cost.

Anyways, we would always be left with her plate
that stored the rest of her food.

Sometimes the plate was hot
And since I don't like putting hot things directly on our wood table
we would put a napkin under it.

Well napkins just aren't pretty
or very practical
and a regular size place mat would be too big
to fit in the corner of the table where Mackenzie's high chair is
So I went to the sewing machine
and whipped up a little
circular placemat/hotpad
to fix the problem.

All I did was
trace a large plate from my kitchen
to make my circle pattern

Then I took a piece of cotton fabric
and an old washcloth
cut them into circles from my pattern
and sewed wrong sides together
(leaving a small opening).

then flipped it right side out
(through the opening)
and top stitched to finish it off.

Super easy solution :)

*This was an old project I made that I just realized I have never shared.
Mackenzie now uses a fork or spoon and eats like a semi normal human being :)