Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Stay in Bed Bag Tutorial

When Mackenzie wakes up in the morning
or from a nap
she has to stay in her bed until Aaron and I come and get her out.
To occupy my little angel
and to prevent this or this from happening again
I came up with the magical
Stay in Bed Bag

A bag that hangs from her bed
and is filled with her favorite
non breakable and mess free

Hopefully with the Stay in Bed Bag
we will have no more
Little Miss Trouble
incidents to report.
Fingers Crossed.

Sorry if this tutorial doesn't make sense. My baby still doesn't sleep through the night. And I require at least 10 hours of sleep to think clearly. Just email me if you have any questions :)

Step 1:
Draw your pattern
and cut it out.
I like to fold my piece of paper (or whatever scrap material you have on hand. I used the inside of an old gift bag) in half,
draw half of my pattern and then cut it out
to make sure both sides are symmetrical.
My pattern was approximately 28'' x 18''

Step 2:
Trace your pattern onto your fabric.
You will need two front pieces and two inside pieces.
Pin one front piece and one inside piece (right sides together).
Sew along the pattern line you just drew.
Make sure to leave an opening to turn it right side out with.

Trim around the line you just sewed
and turn right side out.
Repeat with the other front and inside piece.

Iron so they look nice and pretty.

Step 3:
If you would like to add any embellishment to the front of your bag
now is the time to do it.
I cut off the ruffle from an old sheet I had
and added it to the top of one of my pieces.
It would also be cute to add your child's initials
or the word "toys".

Step 4:
Pin your two pieces right side together
and sew around the perimeter
(leaving the top open)

Flip right side out
and your done with your bag!

Step 5:
Now for the ties...
Using a yard stick trace two front pieces
that are approximately 25" x 2"
(If I did it again I think I would make my ties a couple inches longer).
Pin your front pieces to your inside pieces (right sides together)
and sew (leaving a small opening for you to turn it right side out).

Turn right side out, iron and then top stitch.

Step 6:
Pin your ties to the top corners of the bag
(where the seam meets)

and sew to secure.


Your very own
Stay in Bed Bag!

Tie to the side of your kiddos bed or crib

Fill with kid proof toys
(I put chipboard books, dolls, stuffed animals, etc.)

and enjoy some peace of mind
knowing your little one will be entertained for a bit
when they wake up in the morning or from a nap.


Casey said...

that's such a good idea!

Jamie said...

Great idea! Thanks for the tutorial!

2sisters said...

That is darling, and a great idea. Just please be careful she doesn't get caught in it, it could be devastating.

saffiertje said...

my... I am glad my kids never did such things when they had nappy time... but this is a great solution if you ask me! not only for little ones, but also for big ones... My middlest DD is awake so early... I think I wil give this a try fr her to stay in bed and rest more....
Only have to look how I attach this to her bed... thanx and lot's of luck with this!

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