Sunday, May 2, 2010

2 down, 4 to go

Friday marked 2 weeks since my bunion surgery.

2 long and horrible weeks of
no. walking. at. all.
(which means lots of time sitting/ laying on the couch or in bed)
(who would have thought bunion surgery would be SO painful!)
feeling gross
(you don't realize how much you take showers for granted until you can't have one)
and relying on others for everything
(which is NOT my forte. I'm a much better giver than receiver).

But on the flip side
It has also been 2 weeks of
(so far I've read 4 books. All books that I have been meaning to read for who knows how long)
PJs and no make up
(who doesn't love staying in their jammies all day?)
(the Lord's been teaching me so much through this "off" time)
and blessing
(Did I mention I have the most amazing, hubby, friends and family? I do!).

Tomorrow I go in for my 2 week "check up".
I'm hoping and praying that the doc gives me the ok to start doing things again.
I'm also secretly hoping that he will tell me all of my pain will be gone and I'll be totally recovered in another week or so (wouldn't that be nice?!).
Because let's be honest
a 6 week recovery time with 2 young kids
seems like an eternity.

Wesley's likes to keep me company on the couch when he's not busy splashing in the dog's water bowl, eating random bits of food/who-knows-what off the floor or crawling into the fireplace (don't worry it wasn't on)

And Mackenzie's been Mommy's big helper on top of her crazy, energetic, happy, mischievous 2 year old self.