Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Something for me

Soon after I started sewing
I bought a pattern to make myself a dress.
The lady at Joanns told me it was super easy.
She lied.
After a few failed attempts I finally gave up on the dress,
patterns in general,
and all further attempts to make clothing for myself.
(Silly I know)

But a couple months ago
I finally got over my funk
and made a super easy skirt for myself.

It was seriously so stinking easy.
I took a bunch of pictures as I was putting it together
fully intending to make a tutorial for you all
so you can see how simple it was and make one for yourself
but seeing as it's been a couple months and there's still no tutorial
I'm thinking it may never happen
(unless you all keep reminding me to do it).

light weight and perfect for spring/summer

1 comment:

Brianne said...

Super cute! And looks super easy for a beginer like me. PLEASE put up a tutorial!! :)