Monday, October 4, 2010


Yesterday I found this pesky little fellow
after he had devoured our entire tomato plant.

He was the biggest and grossest worm/caterpillar I had ever seen.
And he had just eaten my tomato plant.
So we did what we had to do.
On our way out of the house we (Aaron) took the little bugger and
ran him over with our car.
Just to ensure he couldn't eat any one else's tomato plants.
Also to serve as a warning to any other insects thinking about snacking on my garden.
Don't mess with my veggies.


sfitz said...

You ran him over with your car? Are you serious?? That's crazy! Hilarious and crazy.

Aaron Sellars said...

Sarah, it was more funny than crazy. It was convenient that stepping on it and squashing it all in my shoe!

Christene said...

I have a problem squishing anything like that, even when they are a menace to my garden. I have to hand it over to the hubby to dispose of. I think it comes from keeping one as a pet (and yes I did strip tomato leaves for him!)as a kid. You did the right thing :)
Christene from