Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What I Wore

Where did this past week go?
I can't believe it's already time for another What I Wore Wednesday (WIWW).
And I can't believe I have actually managed to take a picture of myself every day for the past 3 weeks.
Yeah, me :)

Anyways, here goes.

white shirt: Banana Republic
jeans: Nordstroms
shoes: garage sale score a while ago.

I think I paid $1 for them.
Oh how I love a good deal.

sweater: Nordstroms
tank underneath: Target
Skinny jeans: Macy's
boots: Emu's
necklace: Walmart

Look at that baby bump!
I'm 10 weeks (almost 11) and already starting to show.
10 weeks people!
Someone tell me it's normal to show crazy fast with your third.
pretty please.

navy blue long sleeve shirt: Express
brown jacket: Macy's
jeans: Nordstroms
flats: Payless
necklace: Nordstroms

headband: made by me :)

sweater: Express
skinny jeans: Macy's
boots: Emu's
necklace: Nordstroms

shirt: Old Navy (I promise it doesn't look this orange in really life)
jeans: Nordstroms
flats: Payless

A more accurate picture of what I look like throughout the day.
There is pretty much always a kiddo (or 2) attached to my hip.

teal shirt: Nordstroms
white tank under: Nordstroms
jeans: Macy's
flats: Payless

as soon as I was about to leave the house I realized it was still chilly
so I threw the cardigan on top

cardigan: Target


Unknown said...

i think i need to go to payless more often. i love flats! do yours seem to hold up well? comfy?

Anonymous said...

Love the flats and headband.

Unknown said...

I love the headband soo cute

Lila Jo said...

Cute little bump! I noticed that with this pregnancy (also my third!) I was showing super fast. Maybe because I can't stop eating?

Paige said...

I love your headband! Your family is adorable too btw!