Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Nearly Impossible

Wesley is 14 months old.
In his entire lifetime I have one good picture of Mackenzie and him together.
The other day I was determined to make it two.
So I put the kids in some cute matchy clothes
and danced around like a mad woman trying to get them to both look at me and smile
but I had no such luck.
These were the best I got.

Wesley's looking...

Mackenzie's looking...

Neither looking...

At least I can still manage to get them to smile individually.
That will have to do for now.

Do you guys have any tricks for taking pictures of multiple kids at the same time?


Unknown said...

you could hold two giant lollipops in your hand for them to be excited about... and then if you're okay with some wowser dirty niceclothes, pictures of two kids in matching clothes eating matching giant lollipops would be cute, too. And I bet they'd be willing to look at you happily while eating such a treat, too ;)

Dawn Coleman said...

Go to the park - i like morrison park for photo shoots - get them at the top of the hill, set your camera to "continuous" take or action shots, then say "ready set go!" And have them run toward the camera and take as many pics as you can. Do that about 10 times, I promise you'll get some good ones! It is harder if your camera is slow but you can still get a few even if your camera doesn't do continuous...