Friday, January 14, 2011

Most embarrassing Mom moment

Yesterday I had my most embarrassing Mom moment to date.

I'll walk you through it...
I run to the grocery store before dinner to grab a quick loaf of bread.
I'm walking down a teeny tiny aisle of the grocery store looking for the kind of bread I need when the following conversation takes place:

Mackenzie (in a very loud voice): "Mommy, I don't like that lady!" (speaking about the lady who is standing right next to us)
Me: "Baby! That is not kind. We don't talk like that. You don't even know that lady. I'm sure she's very nice."
Lady: "Why don't you like me? I'm a nice lady."
Me (feeling awful): "I'm so sorry! Mackenzie, you need to apologize to the lady for talking unkindly."
Mackenzie: "I'm sorry."
Mackenzie starts to smile realizing that the lady really is nice.
The lady smiles back, turns around and starts to walk away but is still very close by.
Mackenzie (again very loud): "Mommy! She is a nice lady! She just has scary teeth!"

So embarrassing.

What's your most embarrassing Mom moment?


Mama G @ said...

Wow...I really don't know what my most embarassing is, I will have to think on that. Also I don't have any Panera recipe secrets but if you go to and go to the nutrition guide I bet you could really piece together some awesome recipes. If you made a cheese sauce, much like you made the broccoli soup, I bet it would taste awesome. Just stick to milk, cornstarch or flour, white cheddar, and maybe some garlic seasoning. I bet it would taste awesome.

Mama G @ said...

I was talking about making the mac and cheese in that first post. ;)

Unknown said...

my daughter asked if the man ahead of us in line ate a lot of pizza.
doesn't sound so bad except I had just finished explaining to her that we don't eat pizza very often because otherwise we'll get fat.
thankfully he either didn't hear us or pretended not to (probably that one) and I told her that is not nice.

mamamandolin said...

LOL I just slapped my head when I read that! Just when you thought you were in the clear!

Thank GOD my little dudes can't talk yet. I'm sure they'll have plenty to say to mortify me in the future. If they're anything like me....and have their daddy's mouth lol

Sarah said...

When my daughter was 4 we went out to a restaurant. There was a very large woman in a wheelchair at the next table. My daughter got out of her seat walked over to the woman pointed at her and said "Mommy is she in a wheelchair because she is so fat!" I wanted to die, seriously. Why do children have to be so candid all the time.

Lila Jo said...

In Idaho, most of the population is white. I was shopping with my two year old and she pointed to a lady with dark skin and yelled "Scary Monster!" I turned her another direction and asked if she had seen a scary monster toy in the back of the store, and she said "No, Scary Monster there! Right there!" as she pointed again.
I was totally mortified. I have no idea where she would have picked that up, but we were done shopping quickly.

niki said...

we were at church, and it was communion time. we were doing it differently than normal in that we were going down front to tear off a piece of bread and taking a communion cup of "wine." my son, who was almost 3 at the time, saw this and loudly said, "i want bread. i want butter on my bread." he kept saying it, and our fellow church goers were just giggling. my husband and i both turned a 100 shades of red.

Ana B. said...

Well, my daughter doesn't speak clear yet - but we went to a restaurant, with friends and she decided it was time to poopoo - well, she made all sort of noises (loud noises) and got really red, and everybody in that little restaurant stared at us. I know everybody does this, but for me, it was horrible. And my hubby was sort of come on baby, don't draw attention to us, lol...
PS - i liked your post - makes me kind of ready for things like this that will happen, Im sure.

Sandra said...

LOL!!! She is funny..and I did have more than one embarrassing moments with my kids so I know how you feel!:D

Brandy@YDK said...

Ha. Whenever Grayson hears any noise he asks mama poot? Ya fun

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