Monday, January 10, 2011

A day in the life of the Sellars family, #3

A couple days ago I woke up in the morning,
grabbed my camera
and recorded my day exactly how it went down.
The good, the bad, and the ugly.

I thought it might be kind of fun for you to get a peek into my daily life
since it's so super exciting (I'm totally kidding!).
No but for real, I just thought it might be fun to see how another stay at home mommy does things.
So here's a peek at a somewhat typical day in the life of the Sellars' family.

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Wednesday, January 5th, 2011
5:30 a.m.- Alarm goes off and my hubby greets me with a hot cup of coffee (did I mention I have the best husband ever! He's part of the reason I'm able to stick to my read through the Bible in a year plan. Coffee in bed definitely makes waking up that early more tolerable.)
Pray, read my Bible and then think about starting my CBS (Community Bible Study) lesson that is due tomorrow!

6:00 a.m.- Mackenzie crawls into bed to join me. Luckily she's pretty content snuggling next to me for a half an hour while I finish reading :)
6:30- Get into the shower.

6:50- Wesley wakes up.
Look how cute he is cuddling with Mackenzie. He loves his sissy!
I change him and take him into the family room.

While I'm changing Wesley Mackenzie is in her usual morning hang out spot...
right in front of our wall heater.
Like mother, like daughter.
Most nights I can be found reading or catching up on my laptop in front of it too.

7:00- Breakfast time! Aaron made waffles and breakfast for us this morning while I was in the shower. See he really is the best husband ever! And he didn't even know I was recording this day to post on my blog :)
Part of our new 2011 schedule is eating breakfast together before Aaron leaves for work. It's been awesome for us to all connect as a family before we start our day.

7:20- Do dishes. My least favorite chore because it seems to be never ending.
Aaron leaves for work.

7:25- While the kids are playing nicely in the family room, I sneak off to put their clean clothes away.
After I'm done I go back into the family room and notice Wesley is missing.
A few second later I find him playing with the water in the toilet.
Clean him up.

7:35-Put on makeup and get the kids dressed for the day.

7:45- Let the kids pick out a movie.
Mackenzie picks her new favorite, Beauty and the Beast.

Wesley gets all settled in his box and they both start to watch the movie.
I sneak off to get some things done.

7:50- Start putting our clean clothes away (yesterday was laundry day).

About one minute after I put the movie on and snuck away, my little shadow found me.
So I locked him in the dog crate.
Just kidding.
He played in there while I put the clothes away.
8:00ish- Took some pictures of my newest favorite thing to wear, jeggings, to share with you on my next What I Wore post.
Made bed.

Took What I Wore picture for the day.

8:25- Take Wesley with me back into the family room to let the kids finish their movie.

While Mackenzie is watching the movie,

and Wesley is playing with his cars,

I sit down with my laptop to put together some of the Bible verses I will be going over with the kids each week. (One of my 2011 resolutions is to teach my kids a Bible verse each week and go over it with them at meal times).

8:50- Get kids a snack, catch up on email and finish movie.

9:15- Help the kids pick up their toys from the morning (I'm trying to be better about making them clean up their old toys before we take out a new one)
and then play a game of Dora dominos.

9:33- Reply to a text message from a friend and then look up to find Wesley (a.k.a. my monkey boy) climbing on the table.
This is why I would probably be a way better mom if iphones didn't exist.

9:45- Let Mackenzie do a little coloring.

9:55- Tent time!
We got this tent and tunnel from my inlaws for Christmas and the kids love it!

10:15- Let the kids have a snack in the tent.

Apparently the kids were over the tent and moved onto one of their favorite past times,
try to sit on one another/tickle each other/irritate one another.

10:30- Playdate next door with some of our neighbors.

My friend had sculpty clay that we made into magnets for the kids.
I think the mom's had way more fun than the kids.
We were making clay fruit and animals, etc. (for the kids of course).

12:50- We were having so much fun at our playdate that I totally lost track of the time. When we got home I honestly thought it was 11:50 and was shocked to figure out it was almost 1:00.
Made lunch for me and the kids, fed all of us and then put the kids down for their nap.

1:30- Wash dishes from lunch.

1:45- Spent a couple minutes on the computer and then started/finished my Bible Study.
I'm such a procrastinator sometimes.

2:50-Laid down for a quick nap (or should I say rest...I don't think I ever really fell asleep).

3:30- Kids woke up from their nap.
Wesley is always a little (or a lot) grumpy when he wakes up. He usually wants to cuddle for a good 20 minutes before I can even put him down.

3:45- Get the kid's shoes on and sippy cups made so we can run a few errands.
I stop by the post office to drop some packages off

and run by the grocery store to pick up bread for dinner tonight.

4:30- Get home and start dinner.
While I'm cooking the kids are in the family room playing with the toys and the tent from earlier.
Mackenzie was having some issues sharing the tent with her brother so she got a time out and lost privledges from the tent for a while.
After I had put Mackenzie in time out and set the timer for 3 minutes, I went back into the kitchen to work on dinner.
The next thing I know, Wesley (who was just crying because Mackenzie wasn't sharing the tent with him) was sitting next to Mackenzie in time out. He can't stand not being with her. He's such a sweet boy.

4:45- Start sauteing onions to go in the broccoli cheese soup I was making.
Burn the onions.
Re saute the onions.
Continue making the rest of the soup.

Mackenzie yells to me from the other room saying she smells Wesley's poop.
I yell back that he's going to have to wait because I can't leave the soup
(I was making the roux and you can't stop stirring or it will burn).
Wesley runs by me in the kitchen and I notice his pants are covered in poo.
I'm trying to figure out how I can save my soup and change Wesley at the same time

when Aaron comes home and saves the day.

Aaron changes Wesley and plays with the kids for a bit while I get past the critical part of the soup.

5:25- Soup is simmering, kids are dancing to Psalty, and Aaron and I take a chance to catch up on the day.

6:00- Eat yummy brocoli cheese soup for dinner!

6:30- Try to convince Mackenzie that's she's going to be hungry if she doesn't eat her dinner
(in the Sellars house you eat what you are served or you go hungry until your next meal. I'm not a short order chef).
Mission accomplished :)

6:45- Kenzie helps Daddy do the dishes.

7:00- Read the Bible with the kids, put them in their jammies and play in their room for a bit.

7:20- Bed time! (for the kiddos)
7:30- Catch up on some email

8:00- Have coffee and catch up with our friends/next door neighbors.

10:30 p.m.- Off to bed! Goodnight!


Brandy@YDK said...

Your day sounds exhausting. Lucky you for having such a great husband

Julie said...

Oh wow - I love this post! It is so interesting to see how other Mum's fill their day. Your kids are just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing a day out of your life.

Guest said...

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