Thursday, January 27, 2011

Shop Update-Ergo Drool Pads!

You've been asking for them and now they are here!
I've finally added some drool/sucking pads for the Ergo (or Beco) baby carrier to my shop.
Check them out here :)

And if you're thinking to yourself, "What is an Ergo baby carrier?"
Let me fill you in on my number one must have baby item!
In my opinion, the Ergo is
by far the best
hands down
baby carrier

It's a little pricey
but worth every penny.
It's so much more comfortable than the Moby wrap, traditional sling, Baby Bjorn, etc., etc.
Just trust me on this one.
Then go try one for yourself.
You will thank me.

Ok, enough about it's awesomeness...
once you get the Ergo you will soon realize that your baby loves to suck on the straps.
It's inevitable.
Since it's kind of gross to have baby slobber all over your straps
and it's not good or convenient to be constantly washing your baby carrier
Ergo came up with these teething pads.
Great idea but so boring!

So I decided to make a much cuter and more fun version of the sucking/drool/teething pads.
Plus I even added a little ribbon tag to hang your babies toys from.
Check them out in the shop and grab a pair before they are gone.

And be sure to stop back by tomorrow for a little giveaway!


Kim | It's All Reitz said...

Oh my gosh... LOVE. I bought the (boring) pads for my ergo, but these are so much cuter! Will buy asap for next go around. :) BTW, did you also like the ergo when your baby was an infant? I never felt comfortable and didn't like the ergo until my daughter was a few months old.

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