Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What I Wore

4D ultrasounds are so cool.
Free 4D ultrasounds are even cooler.

Check out some of the pictures we got of our cutie at the ultrasound yesterday!

Awww, she is so adorable I can't stand it!

She even gave us a little smile :)

I think Madelyn looks just like her brother!
Oh, how I can't wait to meet her!

And since it's Wednesday here were my outfits for the week.
(in case your new and wondering why I take pictures of my clothes everyday read this for the scoop).

shirt: Banana Republic
cardigan: Forever 21
jeans: H&M maternity
shoes: garage sale find

t shirt: Old Navy
cardigan: Forever 21
jeggings: Forever 21
shoes: vintage

ruffle top: Target
jeggings: Forever 21
boots: Cathy Jean
belt: H&M (new)

shirt: Target maternity
jacket: Macy's
jeggings: Forever 21
boots: Cathy Jean
necklace: Forever 21

long sleeve shirt: Banana Republic
cropped jacket: Macy's
jeggings: Forever 21
boots: Cathy Jean

shirt: Macy's
jeans: Old Navy maternity
flats: Payless

top: Gap maternity (gift from friend)
jeans: Old Navy maternity
flats: Payless

cardigan: vintage

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Mama G @ said...

4D ultrasounds are awesome! I had the best doctor who gave free 4D's to his patients too! He was so nice I actually missed seeing him after I had my daughter. She is so cute, and what a great name. I know you like to work with felt so I thought you might like to check out a tutorial I did on a felt campfire playset. :)

Grace Marie said...

wow. those ultrasound pictures are incredible. I love the name Madelyn!

Thanks for sharing/posting!

Are a lot of your shirts non-maternity? They are all so cute and flattering!

Amy said...

I swear you are the cutest pregnant lady I have ever seen!

Unknown said...

What a beautiful baby girl you are growing! We just had our second granchild born two weeks ago, a little girl as well...and I am in love!!

You make the most beautiful Mommy to be....enjoy every second of it!


Paige said...

Looking good! That ultrasound pic was so cool!

Katie said...

Wow, such a cool pic of your baby!! Love seeing your outfits every week -- that black cropped jacket is awesome!

Jodi said...

Love your boots outfits. Where were 4D ultrasounds when I was preggo the last THREE times?!! ;)

Mrs Knight said...

ahhh so sweet!!!!!!! making me very clucky for a sweet lil 3D pic and that lil tummy oh my!