Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dress up clothes for the boy

Mackenzie's favorite thing to do is play dress up.
For a while Wesley was content with wearing goofy sunglasses or watching his sister try on a million different outfits but now he has decided he likes to play along.
The only problem is...
I have no boy dress up clothes.

So my poor son
is forced to wear Princess outfits.
{my husband is going to kill me for posting these pictures :)}

And by forced I mean totally enjoys and begs me to wear princess dresses and high heels.
The other day I texted my husband a picture of Wesley in the Ariel dress
to which he responded,
"You know he is a boy right?"
I thought it was cute.
He (the husband) did not.

So I set out to make my little man some dress up clothes of his very own.
A couple days later I used this pattern and whipped up a little cowboy/sheriff vest and a big tough biker vest for my little dude.

I kept telling Wesley that he could be a cowboy like Woody with the awesome new vest I made him.
He was not impressed.
Apparently cowboy vests are just not as fun as Princess dresses.

I'm lucky to even have grabbed this shot of him in it
because he absolutely refuses to wear the vest.
Like screams and cries and runs away yelling "No" when Mackenzie or I even show him the vest.

He has yet to even try this one on.

Luckily I made it big so hopefully by the time he is 3 or 4 he might decide to give it a try.

Ah, what can I say?
My little man wants to be just like his big sister.
And for now I think it's cute.
Princess dresses and all :)


The Miller Five said...

That is too cute! Love the vests. My 2 year old does the same thing. He runs all over the house wearing his sister's skirt and dresses. Poor boy. My husband (like yours) does not find it entertaining.

Sarah said...

Those vests are awesome- the biker one is too funny! He'll wear them someday.... maybe. ;)

greatjencreations said...

Well I think the boy clothes are adorable, and I'm sorry he doesn't (yet). My little guy is the same way, always wearing his sister's dress-up clothes. I'd considered making some boy stuff, but maybe I should wait...

Anonymous said...

I love it! My boys (2 1/2 and 1) love dress up! The little one even more than the older one! They have a pile of hats and scarves that we tie on like capes (they are scarves that I have collected over the years some with stripes and some with flowers, but hey they love it!) and even thrifted halloween costumes! If we had a girl I am sure that all the dress up clothes would be worn no matter gender! It is rad, there is only so long that they don't know about gender...take advantage of it while you can!!!

Anonymous said...

My 3yo son and I met the UPS man at the door the other day to grab a package we were waiting for. I didn't realize until after we went back in that he had on his snow white dress and was holding his wand! Oh well, I figure the UPS man has seen stranger things. And I just have the one boy, so we don't have the older sister excuse like you do! I figure the pictures I take of him now in his dress will be great stuff to bring out when he brings home his girlfriend. :)

Unknown said...

I love the vests! My son loves dress up, I have hats that they sell at toy stores. We've got the yellow construction hat, a police hat, a pirate hat and a fireman's hat. I've also made a doctor's jacket, a fish hoodie, a cowboy vest and a superhero cape. :)

Now I have to work on the girly dress up outfits for his little sister!

Amy said...

Don't worry... Hayden is the EXACT same way.

Melissa said...

I was inspired by your sherrif's vest that I saw on pinterest and made an entire set of community helper vests for my daughter's preschool. Please check them out. I'll be posting a different vest each day this week!

Unknown said...

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