Friday, April 8, 2011

ipad awesomeness

When I married Aaron,
I pretty much married Apple too.
He is pretty much the biggest Apple dork there is.
Over the years my sweet hubby has been trying and trying to convince me how cool Apple is.
First he bought me an ipod.
Then an iphone.
Then a Macbook.
Progressively they have pretty much sealed the deal in turning me into a full on Apple snob.

And then the ipad came out.
My hubby (naturally) wanted one.
He begged and begged me to let him get one.
I said no.
They looked like a total waste of money.
Like a big and glorified iphone (which we already had).

And then a couple weeks ago my husband totally scored and won the new ipad 2 from his work.
I didn't even touch it for a couple days.
I totally wasn't interested.
And then one night I gave it a try
and I totally ate my words.
It is awesome.
As I should of expected it to be.
I don't think Apple makes anything that isn't awesome.

Anyways, if you have an awesome ipad you must check out this adorable ipad case tutorial by Polka Dot Chair.
Not only is it super cute but it is extra padded to keep your little baby safe.

Do any of you have an ipad?
What's your favorite thing about it?


Amanda said...

I was also very anti getting one but then hubby's laptop started making horrible noises so I said fine. He said it would be great for work and his school work. Whatevs.

I had no interest but then... I play angry birds. And then I just wanted to look up a quick actor in a movie we were watching. Now we have an ongoing pinball competition going on.

He converted a few Disney movies to iTunes so that Maddie can watch movies on it during a few long trips we have planned in the next few months too. I guess it was worth it!

stephanie said...

I'm an Apple fiend too- but don't have an iPad... yet :)

Kayleigh said...

I am on an I pad as we speak... It is perfect for tutorials because I can take it with me to the sewing machine and follow right along! It's actually my husbands, he got it for Christmas, but he doesn't uses it that often. My 3 year old nephew cAn work an iPad better than most adults :)

Anonymous said...

We just got ours today as well as Appletv. I've barely touched the iPad2 because I can't get it out of my husband's mitts. But I already think it is awesome.

Lottte said...

Hi - I've quietly reading your blog for a while now... on my iPad :-)
My husband is a real apple-nerd as well and had the get the iPad 1 right after release. I fell in love with it too and inherited it when he got is iPad 2 a few weeks ago.
What can I say? I love it and my hubster is happy when he can get me excited about his nerd stuff too :-)
Cheers from Germany,

Courtney said...

haha, I could have written this post! Only my hubby got me hooked when we were only dating, and for me it was the original iPad not the 2. lol Now I'm the one asking for the iPad2 with 3G capabilities for mothers day!! lol

Melissa {polkadot chair} said...

Oh I love my ipad...
Thanks for the link! You are so sweet!!

Anonymous said...

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