Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mini Mac Lover

My husband l.o.v.e.s Apple products.
I think he's the only one who watches the entire Key note addresses
Steve Jobs gives twice a year on the latest and greatest Mac products and upgrades.

He's pretty much been trying to turn me onto all things Apple since we met.
Every Apple product I own was given to me by Aaron.
First it was an I pod when we were dating.
Then a year or so ago he bought me an I phone.
Oh how I love my I phone.
Then he bought me my Macbook and officially converted me to all things Apple.
It might have been the happiest day of his life.


Aaron worked at Mac a while ago and we have a ton of his old Apple T-shirts.

The other day I cut one up and used it to make Wesley a bib.

Because if Aaron has anything to do with it
Wesley will grow up to be a Mac lover too.


Amy said...

too cute : )

allie said...

i found your blog cause i'm friends with your husband on fb. i think we all went to biola together. anyway... my husband works at apple too and he has TONS of shirts that we can't give to goodwill - but this is a FABULOUS idea!!! now i just gotta work on the baby part... ha! nicely done!