Monday, March 1, 2010

Baby Legs for the boy...

My husband thinks Baby Legs
are not for boys.
I kind of get it.
They look a little like stockings.
But they are great to slip on with a onesie
or to keep in the diaper bag in case it gets a little chilly.
Plus I think they are cute.

So I took an old sweater of mine
and decided to whip up a pair for the boy.

They were super easy and quick to make.
My favorite type of project.

*Sorry the pictures to go along with the tutorial are sparse. I wasn't sure if I was going to make it a tutorial. Feel free to email me with questions :)

To make some Baby Leg knock offs of your own you will need...

an old sweater
some 1/2 inch elastic (as much as you need to fit around your babies thighs)
pins, scissors, sewing machine, etc.

Step 1:
If you have an authentic pair of Baby Legs lay them on your sweater sleeve to use as a template
(if not the measurement is approximately 10 1/2 inches by 3 inches)
Cut around your template leaving a little extra room on the side for seam allowance and on the ends to hem.

Step 2:
Fold your pieces longways in half (right sides together) and pin. Sew down the long side to make the stocking part.

Step 3:
On the cuff side of the sweater sleeve
fold each end over once towards the inside to your desired length, pin and sew in place.
(You are basically doing a lazy man's {or woman's} hem)

Step 4:
Ok for the elastic...
Fold the top edge of the sleeve over once towards the inside and lay your elastic on top just below the top of the fold.
Sew the elastic on with a zig zag stitch being careful not to stretch the elastic or the fabric.

That's it!

Easy peasy :)


Carole Powell said...

I LOVE baby legs for my little boy. They are so handy to have around. I'll have to rummage through the closet for an old sweater and try my hand at making up a pair.

Crystal said...

I also have a love for baby legs. I do not have boys, but if I did I would definitely still use them. Another quick trick for making them is to grab pair of child's knee socks and cut the feet off. The elastic in the socks are usually enough to keep them up on babies thighs. Most socks will not fray, so if your really lazy you can even skip hemming.

Amy said...

I thought the same thing a t first about them being for girls but then how handy they were for my little guy last year made me really change my mind!

Hippo Brigade said...

Love it Kristin! You're so creative.

Sara said...

I made a bunch for my son. I really like them under pants too....they keep his legs warm when I'm holding him, or in the cart at the know their pant legs ride up with those chubby legs....keeps the legs warm.

I've even put them on my toddler son under pants this winter....keeps him warm...but doesn't restrict his running around ability.

Us Simple Girls said...

Oh yeah, adorable! I have, almost, three girls but I think they totally work on both.

And thank you, Crys, because I really need to learn to sew but I'm dying to get some of these on our little chunky thighs!


Camie Rae said...

HEY! Great minds think alike! I just made a bunch of these using knee high socks! Come check it out! You're awesome, btw!

Unknown said...

My husband thinks the same thing, but I think I might have to come up with some for our little boy due in February. Our first was a summer baby and spent the first few months in nothing but onesies... so we don't have a lot of little size pants for our winter baby. Thanks for sharing a how-to on the cheap!

Krista @ While He Was Napping