Sunday, March 21, 2010

We {heart} headbands

Mackenzie's hair is finally getting to a length
where we can do so many fun things with it {yay!}
Lately we have been loving
braids, pony tails, pigtails and
our newest favorite

Remember this tutorial?
I love these braided headbands!
They are so easy and quick to make.

and they are perfect for keeping the hair out of your girly's face.
Plus they are cute :)

Plain is not the way we normally roll around here
so we spiced things up a flower and hot pink button.

For the headband above
I did a slight twist on my braided headband tutorial.
I cut up an old cami and used the fabric to make a thinner band
then I attached a flower to girly things up.
I also used the elastic from the strap of the cami instead of store bought elastic.
It worked great!


Kjirsten said...

What a great idea!!! You are so creative! Thanks for the idea!!! Have a great one!

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Wendy said...

So cute :) I've got to try those headbands one day. I think my girl would love them!

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