Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What I Wore

Spring is here!
The weather this week has been gorgeous.
Nice and sunny.
Not too hot but not too cold.
Just perfect.

{Yes, we are totally spoiled here in Southern California.
We may have the tiniest yards you have ever seen
and houses that no one (including those who live here) can afford
but we have good weather.}

Anyways, here are my outfits for the week.
Thanks for continuing to be my online support for getting out of my pjs everyday and into something somewhat presentable.
I'm scared to think what I would look like without you :)

undertank- Nordstroms
tank top- Old Navy Maternity (hand me down from friend)
capris- Old Navy Maternity
sandals- Target

tank- Old Navy Maternity (hand me down from friend)
jeggings- Forever 21
sandals- Target

top- H&M
jeans- Old Navy maternity
shoes- vintage

dress- Target maternity (total score for $3 from a second hand children's shop by me. I love a good deal!)

Me trying to give you a peek from the back. The yellow part ties into a bow.

top- Walmart (forever ago)
jeggings- Forever 21
boots- Cathy Jean

black with tiny white polka dots top- Target maternity
jeans- H&M maternity
flats- Payless

white tank underneath- H&M maternity
top- H&M
jeans- H&M maternity
sandals- Target


Anonymous said...

love these looks!

DeeAnna said...

still here? every week I expect a baby!! You look amazing as usual~

Kayleigh said...

H&M has the cutest maternity clothes, but the closest one is an hour and a half from us! You look adorable!

Barbara said...

I'm here from the Pleated Poppy...all your outfits are adorable (:

Paige said...

I was excited to see you still here too! When is your due date? I've got ~7 weeks to go. You look fantastic!

The Miller Five said...

Love that cute dress! What a steal!

mary kathryn @ mathews family happenings said...

oh good gravy- you are the cutest preggo momma ever. I'm loving your maternity style! Popping by from the Pleated Poppy-

stephanie said...

You are always so cute! Thanks for the motivation in helping me sass it up :)