Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Randoms

I love holiday weekends!
Partially because I love a good party but mainly because I love having my hubby home with us!
Here is a peek at my week through the camera lens of my phone.

We had a busy and fun filled 4th of July!

Little man got a hair cut.
Isn't he handsome!

I made some of the best lemonade ever.
Recipe coming soon!

Oh and some fresh squeezed orange juice and yummy cinnamon rolls to kick off the day.

A fire hydrant broke while we were grocery shopping.
That was exciting.

Mackenzie found her new favorite way to ride on our stroller.

When she is not convincing Wesley to switch seats with her that is.

We got to spend a whole day at our friends parents awesome house.
There was lots of swimming,

hanging out with friends,

and fruit picking involved (post coming soon too).

All in all it was just another busy summer week!


emma said...

lemonade recipe!! can't wait!

Katie said...

Such fun photos!! And now I want a cinnamon roll...

The Miller Five said...

Cute pictures. I need to make some lemonade now. Yum!