Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Randoms

Just another busy summer week for the Sellars' family.
Here's a peek at it from the view of my Hipstamatic iPhone lens.

We braved the opening day of the OC fair (with the thousands of other people) and had a blast!

I love this picture of all 3 kiddos.
It's so them.
Kenzie with her finger in her mouth, Wesley's funny face, Madelyn just hanging out.
A perfect snapshot of every day life.

my husbands new favorite place...
The Container Store.
An organizer's dream land.

Look at my chunky little monkey.
Madelyn had her 2 month check up and is in the 75%.

Mackenzie went to her friend's princess party.

Wesley got his first black eye.
Good thing he likes his boo boo bag.

Kenzie went to the dentist...
AKA her new favorite place.
She asks to go back almost every day.

Kenzie keeping Maddie company in Wesley's crib :)
She's such a good big sister!