Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Randoms

I heart Fridays!

Here's a peek at our week from the camera lens of my phone.

I survived one whole month as a runner (with the Couch to 5K program)!
Look who was waiting for me as I got home from my run the other day.

My kids come up with the most creative hang out locations.
Last night the reading spots of choice were on the steps of Mackenzie's ladder and inside Wesley's pajama drawer.
I love this picture because it perfectly sums up Wesley's love for his big sissy.
He wants to be just like her.
Here he is sucking his finger and holding a blanket just like she does even though he is not a finger sucking or blanket loving kind of guy.

We are definitely a Rainbow flip flop loving family.

my girls

Mackenzie thinks ring pops are the coolest thing ever.
Having a green colored tongue is pretty cool too.

Since we have started packing Wesley has been enjoying all of the fun things he can sit in.

Baskets and boxes are way more fun than chairs or couches anyway.

Hope you guys had a great week!


Cortney said...

Kristin... I've been running too! Ugh, I think I maybe tolerate it a little more, but I had to get moving somehow. Wish we were close by and we could experience the torture together!

The Four on Board said...

ok so do you have the two older kids in those bunk beds with the drawers on the sides? we are looking into getting bunk beds but are really thrown off at the prices! argh! how do the kids do in them? who is on top and bottom?