Thursday, July 14, 2011

What I Wore

I forgot how much I hate moving!
I'm currently up to my ears in boxes and piles of fabric as I'm trying to pack up (and sort through) my sewing room. It's a huge mess and a bit overwhelming right now but I know it will feel so much better to be all organized and in our new place.

Anyways, in the meantime here are my outfits from the week.

ruffle top- Target
jean shorts- Forever 21 *new* (since I wore my other new pair of shorts almost every day last week I figured I should probably get another one)
sandals- Forever 21

top- H&M
shorts- Target
sandals- Target

tank- H&M
shorts- Target
necklace- Forever 21
sandals- Forever 21

dress- Macy's
(over my bathing suit)

tank- Old Navy
shorts- Target
flip flops- Rainbows
necklace- Forever 21

But let's be honest...I didn't stay looking like the picture above for very long.
A few hours later I switched the necklace out for the baby sling filled with a cute baby.

top- Banana Republic
jean shorts- Forever 21
sandals- Forever 21

top- originally from Limited but thrifted by me :)
jeggings- Forever 21
sandals- Target


Amber said...

You are looking great!!!

Paige said...

Loving your baby sling! I have the Moby and also the Bjorn (hubby likes that!)...but neither is a cute pattern like that!