Monday, August 29, 2011

Cars Birthday Party details

A few weeks ago we had a little birthday party for Wesley.
Since we moved the day before the party we wanted to keep things as easy as possible.
And with some simple decor, yummy food and good friends to celebrate with the party was a success.
Here are a few of the details from the party.

If you remember from the invitations Wesley wanted a Cars party.
Well it turns out all the Cars birthday party decor I thought would be super easy to find wasn't as awesome as I thought.
In fact it was all pretty cheesy so I decided to go my own route.

I covered the tables with the backside of some old wrapping paper and drew little roads on each table. I also added some cars on top for the kids to play with (which was a total hit!).

A little more hand drawn decoration.
That's the table for presents.
just in case anyone is confused :)

balloons hung upside down using fishing line=
easy. cute. party decor

I went with black and white balloons to stick with the racing theme (think checkered racing flag).
And I got the balloons at Target for only a couple bucks!

I also added some chalk art to spice things up a bit.
It's kind of hard to tell from the picture but I drew a car with a race track around the back yard.

And I added a few Happy Birthday messages as well.
I think I got a little chalk happy
but at least it was festive :)

Cupcakes with crushed oreos to look like dirt and a little race car for decoration.

My big birthday boy!
He was beaming as everyone was singing "Happy Birthday" to him.

He sure enjoyed his cupcake!

And opening his presents with lots of little helpers.

Happy Birthday Wesley!
We love you little man!