Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Nail Drying Magic

The kids love getting their nails painted. 
I don't mind the painting process 
but the drying process is another story.

The kids nails either get totally messed up (because they didn't dry completely) or nail polish ends up getting on things that it shouldn't (which doesn't make for a happy momma). 

And then I discovered Nailtini Nail Polish Drying Spray.
I swear a mom had to have come up with this. 

The instructions say to spray the nails 45 seconds after the final coat and the nails will be dry in 60 seconds. 
Sounds too good to be true, right?
But it works!
I promise. 

No more messed up nails.
And no more nail polish getting on things that it shouldn't.
Which makes for a happy little girl and a happy momma.

And a happy little boy.

Who may or may not also love getting his nails painted.
Every time I get everything out to paint Mackenzie's nails he brings me this bottle of blue nail polish and begs me to paint his nails too. 
Don't tell my husband but sometimes (most times) I give in.
Look at those eyes.
You wouldn't be able to say no to him either.
Plus I'm storing up some black mail points for him later.