Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Over the past couple of years I feel like God has been asking me the question,
"Do you trust me." 
And every time my initial response is "Yes. Of course I do." 
But the Lord knows my heart. 
Even more than I do.
And He cares about my heart and my holiness like any good Father would. 
And so He graciously.tenderly.lovingly 
reveals to me the parts of my heart that don't fully trust.
And then He shows me 
over and over and over and over again
 that He is good and perfect and holy
and sovereign and all powerful
and full of love for me.
And that He is trustworthy. 
He is faithful.
His plans are bigger than mine. 

This week has just been another reminder of all of that. 
And another sweet time of the Lord ministering to me. 
It's so crazy (and awesome) that during the hardest times I always feel the most loved by the Lord. 
     Like He goes out of His way to let me know that I am His and that He loves me. 
But then again I shouldn't be surprised. 
Because that's exactly the kind of God I know Him to be. 

Wesley had his surgery today. 
He was such a big, brave boy!

When they went into the wound they said it was very infected because...

this giant piece of a stick was still in his cheek!
It gives me the heebe jeebees just thinking about it.

I still haven't seen what the incision looks like under his big bandage but hopefully now that the stick is out things will be getting better.
 for real this time.   

I was supposed to hear the results from the CT scan early this morning but after waiting and waiting and pestering the nurses at my doctor's offices a bunch of times I heard nothing. 
I'm pretty sure it was part of God's whole I have a work that needs to be done in Kristin's heart that can't be accomplished any other way plan.
But after spending lots of time meditating on Psalm 62 and being sure that I was going to hear horrible news from the doctor (why else would he be waiting sooooo long to get back to me) I finally got the results. 
And praise God the CT scan showed NO tumors!!
Such an answer to prayer! 
I'm still waiting on a million other results from the blood work and to hear the details from the CT scan but I'm definitely thankful for the great news we have had today. 
And am praising the Lord for his goodness and grace! 

Thank you so much for all of your prayers and love and support!! 
I have been blown away by everyones concern and we have been spoiled with lots of yummy food and help from family and friends. 


SarahJarnagin said...

Praise the Lord for a solution to little mister's injury and good news from your scan! Awesome! Hope you get answers soon.

Krulls in Haiti said...

Praise God for good results for you, and that they got that stick out so your boy could heal up! So glad it was such a "simple" reason for him not healing sooner, and now his body can kick into high gear and close that thing up for good!

Briar said...

Rejoicing with you!!

Unknown said...

Good news! Sounds like Wesley will have s good story to tell his friends on the playground for years to come.
To God be the glory!

Sarah said...

Sounds like many prayers were answered today! God is good!

Shannon Quinn @ At Least My Nails Look Good said...

I'm glad he is okay!! I'm a new follower, found your blog tonight while searching for a sewing pattern and found your ruffle headband:) Hope you'll follow back:)

Briar said...

Any updates??? I'm getting concerned since she hasn't been on here. Does anyone know anything?