Tuesday, May 15, 2012

mini Daddy

Wesley is super into 2 things lately.
His monkey

and pretending to be Daddy. 

I think 50 times a day he asks me if I want to play "Mommy Daddy" with him. 
Every time I am the son and he is the Daddy (even though I try to tell him that I would be a daughter since I am a girl. He doesn't care.).  
I'm pretty sure he only likes to play this game so he can boss me around without getting in trouble.
Our conversations usually go something like this.

Wes: "Son, Daddy needs to get his coffee. (gets a sippy cup) Son, Daddy's coffee is really hot. You cannot have it."
Me: Ok Daddy.
Wes: "Son, Daddy needs to go to work soon. I need to get my shoes (gets Aaron's flip flops). 
Son, Daddy needs some water (gets my water bottle and tries to drink from it). 
Me: "Daddy, Mommy said that you can't drink from her water bottle remember." 
Wes: "No, Son. This is for adults and Daddy is an adult. (goes on and on until I let him drink from it). 
Son, Daddy needs some chips (goes and gets bag of chips)....etc. etc. 

One day while playing "Mommy Daddy" with Wesley, I asked him what he thinks Daddy's do. 
He told me that Daddy's go to work, drink coffee, eat chips, wrestle with their kids, go to baseball games and go to adult only meetings (usually a church meeting).

Pretty well summed up little man.
You are going to make a good Daddy some day. 

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