Monday, May 21, 2012

pillow talk

I'm not sure how long pillows are supposed to last 
but I'm pretty sure we are way way over due for some replacements.

As soon as I started pillow hunting I realized why we have had our pillows for so long.
Pillows are probably the hardest thing to shop for. 
I mean you can feel them and squish them all you want but you really don't know if it's a good fit until you actually sleep on it. 
And after a month of trying pillow after pillow after pillow we are back to using our old, worn out but perfectly worn in pillows once again. 
And I would kind of be ok with keeping them forever until I starting googling when to replace your pillow and read about all the gross things that most certainly live in my pillow. 
Now we need some new ones ASAP. 

So what's your favorite kind of pillow? 
Down? Foam? 
I need your help before I get eaten to death by dust mites or something. 


Jenea said...

We are exactly the same as you with pillows! It's gross to think about what is in our pillows, but it really is hard to find new ones! Adding on to that, I'm pretty allergic to dust mites :( We really like the memory foam pillows, but those are also hard to shop for because there are so many different ones. I do a small memory foam with a regular pillow underneath. I've thought about getting one of those hypoallergenic pillow covers that go under the pillow case to eliminate the dust mite part and make the pillows last longer. Good luck!

The Feathered Nest said...

This is what I say.....go to Ross (discount big time) and buy the softest thing you can find and believe me, they will be priced wonderfully...don't get some big ol' firm thing, they'll just break your neck. Get flimsy and soft, even if you have to have two, that will be better than a crick in you neck :) It's so hard to change but I think the softest pillow will be the easiest to adjust to! xxoo, Dawn

Katie said...

I know this is kind of weird, but go to the store of you choosing, put the pillow on the ground (in the plastic of course) and lay down and try it out. It's what my mom does and she always has the best pillows!

chill said...

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