Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A snake, 2 lizards and an almost mountain lion

The Sellars' family loves the outdoors and nature 
and getting dirty (well 3 of us like getting dirty the other two not so much).
And we love love love camping. 
In fact I think the kids ask me once a week if we are going to go camping today.

We have a couple camping trips planned for this summer that I am so excited about!
I've already got a whole bunch of pins on Pinterest for some yummy camping food (most of which are related to marshmallows which are my absolute favorite part of camping!)

Just last week it dawned on the hubby and I that we don't have to wait for a camping trip to do all the fun outdoor things that we love so we decided to go on an adventure.
And an adventure it was! 

We set out last Saturday morning to hike up to a nearby waterfall called Holy Jim...
After driving 45 minutes (half of which was on some really bumpy terrain that was definitely not meant for a minivan) we finally got there to realize that you needed this special parking pass that you had to buy at a totally different location to stay. 
Major bummer. 

So we turned around and headed to O'Neill Regional Park which we had passed on the way to the waterfall. 

When we got to the park a ranger told us about a couple hikes that would be good for kids so we set out hiking.   

Don't we totally look like the family from this book?

"We're going on a bear hunt,
we're gonna catch a big one,
what a beautiful day,
We're not scared..."

Just as we started out on the trail we saw a snake! 
Cool...kind of. 
Then we kept going and Mackenzie leaned on this tree and screamed super loud because a lizard almost ran on her arm. 
We went a little further when Aaron and I heard some large rustling sounds coming from the brush ahead of us. 
A long time ago Aaron and I watch this Discovery series called Bitten which I am totally regretting.
I was convinced that a mountain lion or something large and dangerous was crouching behind those bushes waiting to get us so we turned around and headed back.
I think I need some of this spray just for peace of mind before we head out on a deserted trail again.  

After our almost run in with a mountain lion (or whatever it was) we headed to a playground in the park and then had a picnic lunch.

My little explorer. 

Since our first hike ended abruptly we decided to try another one.

In a less remote (i.e. cougar invested) area. 
We survived with all 5 members of our family and can't wait to go back adventuring again
(with some bear/cougar pepper spray that is). 


Anonymous said...

:) yes, you totally look like the family from "We're Going on a Bear Hunt"!

Love the outdoorsy-ness and the fun family time together.

Btw, there was a mountain lion on the loose near our neighborhood last week... It was shot by fish and game, but I've totally used it as my excuse to not run this past week :)

Erika said...

Sounds like so much fun,I was scared going camping with my little ones,but you got me thinking....thanks...if you can do it then...I... will try!:))

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