Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Petting zoo

I heart Groupon.
Actually I heart most every discount/deal/coupon sort of thing. 
Probably because I was raised a bargain hunter. 
It's kind of in my blood. 
 Anyone else have a really really hard time paying full price for things?

Anyways, we found a groupon deal for a local petting zoo so we decided to take the kids and check it out. 

The animals were kind of lame 
but the kids loved everything else it had to offer. 

Like playing with corn. 
Way better than sand right?! 
I think a rice and corn pit would be awesome.

And riding the train. 

And {kind of} feeding some guinea pigs and rabbits.

But they were not very hungry and my kids were chickens when it came to feeding them or getting close to them for that matter. 

Madelyn seemed to be the only one who liked them. 

She wasn't so sure about the big (I don't even know what they are called...they look like a mix between a donkey and a zebra) though.

They also had an awesome play structure. 
In my dreams we have one of those in our backyard.
surrounded by lots of fruit trees and a gianormous garden. with chickens.  
Ok back to reality.

We had a great time! 
(mainly because we were all together)
I love it when we are all together!

And I love family time on Saturdays! 
It is most definitely my favorite time of the week. 

What are some things you love to do with your family? 


The Four on Board said...

is this that place in San Juan...starts with a Z?

Catherine said...

I'm pretty sure that animal is called a zorse. a horse and zebra mix. weird huh? super fast animals when they get the chance to run. we have one at a local farm.