Friday, May 18, 2012

A peek at our week

Sorry for the overload of pictures this week.
Apparently we were busy
and the kids were busy being extra cute. 

I made lots of cake pops for little Missy's party. 

She had a blast celebrating (i.e. eating lots of cake).

She was so wiped out after church on Sunday she fell asleep like this. 

Wesley's spaceship

Me and my girl 

She likes Popsicles.
a lot.

My Mother's Day card form Kenzie.
melt. my. heart.

Playing at Downtown Disney

I finally got a picture of all of us together for Mother's Day!

Look at these pretty flowers in Aaron's grandparents backyard! 
Aren't they lovely?!

Nothing says summer to me like watermelon. 

I peeked into Mackenzie room during "nap time" (which she usually spends just playing) and found her like this. 

I made some yummy copy cat Chipotle at home 
and Mackenzie told me my quesadillas are better than Chipotle's. 
Thanks sweetie. 

My little "helper"

We went to the park with some friends

who brought the coolest bubble machine.

We also celebrated with some other friends. 

Mackenzie has become an expert whistler. 

Maddie got her first pedi. 
I love having girls! (and boys too!)

The kids had their end of the year performance at Bible Study. 
Mackenzie was set on doing all the motions perfectly and Wesley was SO happy to be on stage.  
It was adorable! 

Mackenzie found a toy she reeaalllly wants from Target so I told her she has to do chores to earn some money and save it to buy it herself.
It's never too early to learn responsibility right?

We had our first biting incident.
Maddie was bitten by a sibling (who will remain nameless). 
The end. 

We went in the hot tub. 

Well the big kids and Daddy did. 
Maddie and I just put our feet in. 

i heart her. 

We have baby cucumber growing! 

Good morning sunshine! newest addiction. 


Mrs Knight said...

i love the photo overload! beautifullness

Erika said...

me too!:) Lovely famiy!

RachelRAdams said...

the cake pops look cute! What recipe did you use? we are having the kids birthday party in june and i am on the hunt for a tasty recipe. my daughter really wants to have them at the party. : )