Thursday, June 28, 2012

Boys are gross :)

A recent conversation with the boy went something like this...

Wes burps really loud (on purpose).
Me- "Wes, that's gross. Say excuse me."
Wes- "Excuse me."
Me- (thinking more about how much I don't like when he does that...which has been a frequent occurrence lately) "Please don't do that anymore."
Wes- "But Mom. I haaave to. It makes my tummy feel better when I do that."
Me- (laughing) "Who told you to say that" (because it sounds exactly like something another man in our house would say)
Wes- "Jesus."

How can you argue with that? :)

Life sure wouldn't be as exciting as it is without this little man in our life. 


RachelRAdams said...

aren't boys great? my son is 2 and he has been such a source of laughter for me! he is always into something... and has a smile that can melt your heart. its a special relationship.

Unknown said...

Jesus tells him to always tell the truth. And it's the true that burping makes your tummy feel better.

kousoez said...

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