Monday, June 18, 2012

A peek at our past week

Happy Monday everyone! 

Mondays are so much better when it's summer aren't they?
Here's a peek at our week (last week...I'm kind of behind) through the view of my camera phone. 

We went to a community group leader training at our church. 
BTW...I love our church and our community group.
If you are local and you are looking for a church to go to you should check it out. 

This past week Madelyn turned crazy! 
Ok not really, but she is walking everywhere and starting to get mischievous. 
Good thing she's still really really cute and sweet. 

We played Candy Land with the kids.
Aaron won. 

My girls....

loving on each other.
Baby laughs are the best thing ever. 

The kids got some cool new shades 
(Children's Place is having a huge sale with sunglasses for $1.99 if you are a sucker for a good deal like me)

He's still a mama's boy. 

 I told you...trouble!

My mom brought out my old doll house for Mackenzie to play with.
She was in heaven. 

Anyone remember Playmobiles?

We went out to dinner with my Mom and Dad to celebrate Father's Day. 
I have the coolest Dad ever. 

Just a typical Saturday morning breakfast at the Sellars.

We went to a birthday party with some friends. 

an Elmo birthday party to be exact. 

How cute is this Elmo fruit tray?

Madelyn finally got her 2 top teeth in!

We spent Father's Day with Aaron's side of the family 

and his Papa made his famous Carne Asada.

 We helped some friends pack as they get ready to move 
(we are going to miss you guys!!) 

And just because she's so darn cute here is another picture of Madelyn with her favorite doll. 

Hope you guys had a great Father's Day weekend and a happy Monday! 


Alison said...

Ahh, the pictures of the sweet sisters makes my heart happy! And of course, having a mama's boy is always a perfect addition :)

Yay for the blessings of family!

Ana B. said...

carne assada = churrasco?? Looks like my brother´s way to do the churrasco, hmmm... looks yummy :)