Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My name is Kristin and I'm a teeth grinder

Apparently I am stressed
or my body is failing me yet again
because the dentist told me that I grind my teeth.
And not just grind my teeth every now and then
I'm talking grind my teeth like a crazy person. 
I was totally in denial when they told me.
I tried the tell the nice lady that I didn't grind my teeth (at least I didn't think I did)
and then she kindly showed me my bazillion teeth that are fractured 
and dull when they should be pointy
and told me again that I did. 
I still didn't believe her until I looked at them for myself. 
And then I got all freaked out and had visions of me with dentures.
Actually I still am a little a lot freaked out about my newest health problem which I'm pretty sure is making my teeth grinding even worse! 

So in order to save my pretty teeth I need a mouth guard pronto. 
The thing is my insurance doesn't cover it (of course) 
and they cost an arm and a leg.
And then I stumbled across this place on the internet. 
Has anyone used them or have a teeth grinding remedy they wish to share? 
My teeth would greatly appreciate it.

P.S. Other than my poor teeth, I'm doing great! I haven't had an episod in 13 weeks (thank you Jesus!!)! 


redquilthorse said...

I grind my teeth at night, too. My teeth are all flat, too! I have not tried the guards you posted about, but it seems
Iike it could be risky. I can't imagine it would be easy to do your own impressions at home. There are even cheaper ones you can buy on amazon. I've been meaning to try one. My dentist said they work ok but they wear out. Still might be worth trying.

Mommy Running Diaries said...

i was in denial about grinding my teeth but finally i let them talk me into getting a mouthguard still insisting i don't grind at night and i got a rubber mouth guard and ground (grinded?) HOLES into it in just 2 weeks. that ended my denial. i got a plastic one from the dentist they SAID insurance wouldn't cover and it would be like $450 but in the ammount i pay in fillings for the grinding i finally did it and then low and behold my insurance coughed up $380 of it and it wasn't so expensive after all. it is totally worth the investment! try a plastic mouth guard first (they had me just get one at a sporting goods store and boil and mold it myself). my dentist said if you don't grind holes in the rubber you don't need the expensive one. my friend uses a sports one for 2 years and she stopped getting headaches. good luck!

Lena K. said...

The dentist one makes me gag. I can't use it. It is strawberry flavored, though!

Briar said...

I do this too! I wish they weren't so expensive!!

Lila Jo said...

I ground my teeth regularly & my dentist prescribed a really low dose of an anti-depressant. I took it right before bed and it somehow changed my level of sleep or something and within three months of taking it I quit grinding my teeth and was able to stop taking the medication. I can't remember what it was called though?

Sentinel Mouthguards said...

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