Monday, June 11, 2012

A peek at our week (x2)

Hey Guys!
Here's a peek at the past 2 weeks from the view of my camera phone. 

Mackenzie and I went on her end of the year Preschool field trip. 

It was so much fun getting to spend the entire afternoon with just her (well and her friends from school). 
We need to go on Mommy dates way more often.  

I added some lace to a new dress I got. 

We went to an Angel's game with some friends. 

This picture cracks me up. 
Look at little Miss Maddie chillin' on the couch. 

We went to the beach with some friends. 

Living in OC definitely has its perks. 

We made some watermelon popsicles. 

Our birdie friends are growing and I think a couple have actually flown away. 

This little guy always wakes up so happy.

Maddie found a new cuddle buddy. 

And we f.i.n.a.l.l.y. finished her Bible verse sign. 
Now all we have to do is hang it in her room. 
Which may take another 3 months to actually get done. 


We found a new favorite park. 

Me and my little man. 

Mackenzie is the best big sister ever.
I totally know why God made her the oldest. 

I'm scared I'll blink and she'll be driving for real. 

Wes and his BFF.
Lately they have been inseparable. 

*Does anyone know if I can wash Mr. Monkey? He's getting pretty gross. 

I always learn more while I'm studying to teach the kids Sunday school class than I'm sure they do by hearing me teach. 

We went to Lake Arrowhead for a couple days with some friends. 

Nothing beats the smell of fresh mountain air. 

All of the kids had so much fun playing together.
And so did the adults. 

It's always good to take a break from real life for a bit. 

Mackenzie made a new friend while we were there too. 

The kids all got really dirty. 

We played some Settler's of Catan. 

And went on a bunch of boat rides. 
It was so much fun! 
I'm already counting the days until we get to go back. 

Aaron and I got to get all dressed 

as we celebrated our friends that graduated from the Apprentice Academy at our church. 

And the kids and I may have been listening to some Christmas music. In June. 
Don't judge.  

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Kristal said...

Why do kids grow up so fast?!?!!? My baby is about to be 1 and my big girl started hard!

And mr monkey can enjoy a bath in the washing machine in a pillowcase tied in a knot:). I've washed many a stuffed friend!