Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Camping for Maddie's birthday

 We are camping junkies.
Seriously I think it is addicting.
There is just something so magical about being surrounded by God's creation, breathing in fresh air, getting away from the busyness of life, going to the bathroom in a port a potty (ok maybe that part isn't so magical) but the rest can't be beat. 
 Lately we have been sneaking out on adventures every chance we get. 
Last weekend Maddie requested to celebrate her 3rd birthday camping 
(we have trained her well) so we went to our favorite local park 
Caspers Wilderness Park. 

It was amazing.
Such good family time.

I feel like the outdoors is what my kids NEED.
Running free, climbing trees, collecting sticks, throwing rock, pretending. 
This is what childhood should look like. 

This little guy has me wrapped around his finger 

Camping is the only place I like bubbles

My mom and dad joined us at the campsite for the evening. 
Campfires are my favorite.
And the smell of campfire that stays in your clothes and hair is my favorite too.

so many beautiful oak trees

Caspers is one of the few parks you can go camping with your horses (and a lot of people take them on trial rides). Kenzie loves horses so she is always so excited to see them or when people let us pet them.

Hanging around the campsite 


Hudson and my Dad

I still can't believe she's 3.

My little riding buddy.
These pull behind trailer/bikes are the best for kids that wouldn't make a long bike ride on their own.
Plus when she pedals it totally helps me. 
I'm not sure if I would make it up the big hills without her! 


tree climbing.
all day long.

Testing out her new balance bike

Hot chocolate for the kids and coffee for the adults in the morning is a camping must

All 6 of us out on a bike ride is quite a sight to be seen 
(This time I pulled Kenzie behind my bike and Aaron pulled the 3 littles in a trailer) 

Good morning

"I think I can, I think I can..."
Aaron pulling the 3 little kids up the hill in the bike trailer

Who's that cutie?

My little scavenger.
She could have spent the whole day collecting sticks and rocks  

If you think you aren't the camping type, that is silly. 
You have to try it! 
I promise you will love it. 
And if you are just plain scared or intimidated to try it, don't be! 
I wrote a blog post with all my tips about camping with kids HERE.
It's easy and most of all fun! 
So get out there and go and then come back and tell me how it went. 

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