Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Quiltie Blankets with Tags

If any of you know my daughter, you know that she almost ALWAYS has a blanket with her.

Especially if she is: in her car seat, in her stroller or tired.

Thus I have made many blankets for her over the past 17 months of her life (her love of blankets started very early). But these new Quiltie Blankets with Tags are by far my (and Mackenzie's) favorite.

Sometimes I feel like I spend most of my time sewing for other people (with my business) SO this week I whipped up 3 blankets just for Mackenzie.

I added an "M" to the corner of this one

I love the combination of red and teal in this one.

And you can't go wrong with green, pink and brown.

Mackenzie loves the ribbon tags on the bottom of these. I always look back at her in her car seat and find her studying the different colors and textures of the ribbons.

In case you are as excited about these new blankets as we are I added some of them to my esty shop. Check them out here :)

*Note my etsy shop is different than my other store (

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Cori said...

Those are pretty. I wonder if my youngest would like one of those.