Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Spice up a boring tee

Have a boring tee you want to add some sass to?

I found a plain red t-shirt for Mackenzie on sale at Walmart for $2.50. Since I'm a sucker for a good deal I bought it and got to thinking how I could spice it up a bit.

I remembered seeing a great template for flowers here so I printed it out and got working. I dug into my pile of scrap fabric and picked out a couple cute navy, white and red prints. Then I appliqued them onto the top corner of the shirt (using "Steam a Seam"...if you don't know what it is ask me. It makes appliquing so simple) and finsihed it off with a navy button.

Instant cutness!


Crystal said...

It turned out really cute. Perfect colors for summer. Also your little girl is adorable.

B said...

thanks for the link, I"m going to have to do something like that for my daughter. I have tons of boring stuff I've picked up for a deal that I've been wanting to spice up!

emerzim said...

That is really cute. I bookmarked that link. One of my favorite gifts lately is jazzing up plain shirts like that.

Erin said...

What a cute, simple thing to do to jazz up a plain shirt!! I've never heard of the steam stuff. I'm going to have to look around!!

e.c said...

What a DOLL! She's too cute.
Great mod for that shirt...WAY better.

Jules said...

love it!!! amazing. every day. amazing.

Kathleen C said...

I've just this week learned how to use steam a seam and am practicing my machine applique (I've done all hand work before). What a clever idea!
Somehow, when i clicked on a link at the Sew Mama Sew giveaway for May 27-31, I was brought to your blog and to this pretty tshirt. And I'm glad I'm here.
thanks, kath