Monday, June 25, 2012

Hello Summer

I love summer!
It's busy and crazy and most of all fun!
This week was the perfect summer kick off. 
Lots of time was spent with friends, at the park and in the water.
Hope you guys are enjoying summer too!

Here's a peek into our week through the camera lens of my phone. 

Aaron played bubbles with the kids.
He's a nice dad.
Mommy does not do bubbles.

We went swimming with some friends. 

And we had dinner with some other friends. 

Our secret tomato plant is getting hard to hide.
This picture does not do it justice...the thing is huge!

We heart the park. 

Madelyn loves kisses.
Especially from her brother. 

Mackenzie decided to feed Madelyn her yogurt one morning. 
I think half of it made it into her mouth. 

I love having girls and I love when they actually let me do their hair. 

Mackenzie put on a ballet show for us.
She was practicing all day in her room and then made us wait until Aaron was home to show us. 

We went to the park again. 

Mackenzie was so proud that she can now do the swings all by herself. 

I made the best lemon cookies ever. 
Seriously people. 
Go try them now.

Summer = lots of time in the pool with friends

We also got to go fruit picking with some friends. 


Kenzie fell and scrapped up her knees for the 3rd time this week.
My poor clumsy little girl. 

cousin love