Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Day in the Life of... Challenge!

March was so sneaky.
It came without me even noticing!
Hopefully it snuck up on you too
and you weren't ready and waiting for me to post our first monthly
"Day in the Life of..." series
like I said I would a couple weeks ago.
I promise it is coming
just a little late.

Also this month I was thinking it would be fun for you guys to join me!
I would love to see how you guys spend a typical day and I'm sure others would too.
I think it might be fun for us to all get a peek into each other's daily lives.
Who knows we may even learn a few new things from each other or at least be able to relate with each other about how awesome and let's be honest, challenging motherhood can be at times.

Ok, I've decided to give us all over a week to complete the challenge.
Here are the rules.
Wake up in the morning, grab your camera and document your day.
Then, write a blog post explaining your pictures and the general gist of what happened during your day.
Have your post ready by Wednesday March 9th, then come back here on Thursday March 10th so you can join our linky party.
Fell free to title your post, A Day in the life of (your last name) Family.
i.e. A Day in the Life of the Sellars' family.
I find it helpful to keep my camera close at all times and to keep an ongoing list of what we did and when we did it (otherwise if you are like me, when you go to write the post you won't be able to remember).

Please try to be spontaneous.
Don't do things just because you know it will be recorded.
We want your real life, not your ideal day.

Yeah! I'm so excited to get a peek into your lives.
This should be fun!

For a couple examples of my "Day in the Life of.." posts from the past check here, here and here.

In the meantime I leave you with some things you would have seen a lot of around my house this past week...

Mackenzie's new favorite thing is to pretend that her house is the tiny space below our coffee table.
I'm still not sure how she manages to squish her giant 3 year old body under there, but she does and she loves it.

And Wesley's new favorite thing is to yell "NO!!!" at the top of his lungs for no apparent reason. It is also his favorite response to every question you ask him.
He thinks it is hilarious. I do not.