Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Randoms

This week has been kind of a blur.
It's crazy how one minute life can be totally "normal" 
and then well not so normal.
But I'm thankful it's Friday!
We have a fun weekend ahead and then we are back to the craziness on Monday.

Here's a peek at our week through the camera lens of my phone. 

The hubby and I had another intense game night. 
Did I mention we are both super competitive? 

Kenize got to visit the dentist this week.
Are my kids the only ones who get really excited about getting to go to the doctors and dentist?

My friend's son was sporting the onesie I made him for Easter. 
So cute!

Me and the people at Quest labs are becoming best buddies.
I think I was there 4 times this week. 

Some little friends decided to make their home right outside our bedroom door. 
We can hear the babies chirping all day long.
I love the sounds of nature!

It's so fun to randomly see my stuff while browsing the popular page on Pinterest. 

I made some goodies for some new babies :)

And got to spend extra time cuddling my little sick baby this week.

Hope you guys had a great week too!

Hopefully I'll be back more regularly now that our Internet is back!
Wooo hoo!