Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tests, tests and more tests

So I went to the gastroenterologist yesterday.
Aaron and I had to laugh when we walked up to the door and saw the sign. 

The first thing I said was, "No one told me I had to see the Digestive Disease doctor!"
I think gastroenterologist sounds much better.

Anyways, we met with the gastroenterologist (who was very nice) and he is pretty sure I have Carcinoid Syndrome or at least that is what all of my symptoms are pointing to.
This is also the same thing that the rheumatologist thought I had and the reason he ordered the urgent CT scan which we thought came back clear. 
Apparently normal CT scans often don't pick up the teeny tiny carcinoid tumors that cause Carcinoid Syndrome. Since they are only 1-2 centimeters big and can be basically anywhere in your abdomen they are very hard to locate.
So the next step is to try and locate those pesky little tumors. 
The doctor has ordered 4 or 5 different procedures (endoscopy, colonoscopy, specialized CT scan, internal ultrasound, swallowing a capsule camera) to try and find out where the tumors are. 
Right now we are just waiting on authorization from my insurance to start the procedures but they were hoping to at least do the endoscopy and colonoscopy by the end of this week (but it's looking more like early next week).  

Oh and I had to do a zillion more blood tests and a 24 hour urine test (fun I know) where I can't drink coffee for 3 days! 
Pray for me :)

In the midst of all the craziness I feel like Aaron and I are doing pretty good.
And it's definitely nothing that we can attribute to ourselves. 
Whatever strength we have is absolutely and totally from the Lord. 
He is so good.
And so in control of everything.
Even my body. 
Even these possible tumors. 
He knows the exact number of days I'll be around and while I'm hoping and praying that I have a whole lot left I have to be at peace with the fact that His will is the best. 
Whatever that might be. 
But in the meantime we wait and hope and trust in the Lord
and PRAY like crazy that he would heal me or allow us to walk through this whole thing shining brightly the light of Jesus to whoever we come in contact with along the way.
*Oh and we are switching Internet providers so we are without Internet for 2 days! I snuck away to write this post to keep you all in the loop so please don't panic if I'm M.I.A. for a couple days. I can still read all of your comments and reply to emails from my phone I just won't be able to blog until it's back on. Thanks again for all your love and prayers and support! 


Unknown said...

will pray for you. Where would we be without Christ?! So thankful for His sovereignty and grace.
"Consider it pure JOY..." James 1:2

p.s. you have iPhone right? there's an app for blog posting called "BlogPress" =)

Erika said...

Praying for you and your family!Stay strong in our Lord!!

Sarah said...

Hopefully your insurance gets on it and you can finish up your tests and have some answers! I did a 24 hour urine once and my daughter really wanted to "help" me... LOL! Not much she could do there. ;) Good luck and many prayers are coming your way!

Laura said...

Love the 24 hr urine. Who doesn't like to keep a big jug of tinkle in their fridge?! Praying for them to find no tumors in you because our God has sent them packing!