Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Randoms

Here's a peek at our week through the lens of my camera phone.

My baby checking out our friends baby chicks. 

My last meal before the colonoscopy prep and 2 whole days without solid food. 
I love me some Pei Wei. 

Most of our park days are usually spent on the swings. 

This is for my husband who is currently rocking a very manly beard. 

Good thing he's so cute,

because lately he has been doing a lot of this. 
He thinks being 2 is pretty rough (and so he pretends he is 4...just ask him how old he is).

boys will be boys 

Kenzie working on some play dough creations. 

Some one's turning one!

The hubby went to an Angel's game without me (meanie)

so me and the kids at away our sadness with lots of Yogurtland. 

Coffee and I were reunited after a long week apart! 

I got some new shades 
(H&M in case you are wondering)

Ugg she's so cute! 

Siblings :)

Maddie is getting way too close to walking!
I want to keep her little forever. 


Carole Powell said...

My little has just started taking a few steps at a time. And we have that same princess car and she LOVES it. She thinks she's really smart since she learned to stand up on the seat and sit on the steering wheel. Momma is not so thrilled with that.

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