Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Woman's Retreat

This weekend I was away with the girls at our church's Woman's Retreat.
It was amazing in so many different ways. 

First, it was amazing to be kidless.
Don't get me wrong I love.love.love. my kids but it's good to have some uninterrupted adult conversation and two free hands once a year.

Second, it was amazing to sit under Elyse Fitzpatrick's teaching.
She was hilarious, insightful, real and a powerful teacher. 
I want to know and preach the gospel like she does. 
maybe one day :)

Third, it was awesome to spend the weekend with old friends and new friends (and my mom and soon to be sister in law)! 
I'm so blessed by the people God has placed in my life. 
The body of Christ is such a cool thing. 

Forth, it was awesome to go in the hot springs. a lot
In my dreams I would have one in my backyard. Wouldn't that be nice?
(The retreat was in Murrieta Hot Springs)

And fifth it was awesome to spend some alone time with the Lord. 
Not nearly enough...just enough to make me want a whole lot more. 

Hope you guys had a great weekend too!

Oh and as promised here's a mini update on all our crazy health stuff...
-Wesley is doing great! The hole is still healing from the surgery but it looks to be infection free! Praise the Lord! 
-A nurse called me yesterday to tell me that the only thing they found out from all those vials of blood and tests are that I am ANA positive (which I already knew) and that I have low potassium. Which basically tell us nothing or at least nothing that explains why I'm having these crazy episodes. So right now I'm trying to get an appointment with the doctor to talk to him and go over the results and see what the next steps are but it's been so difficult to get a hold of anyone at the office and to get an appointment to be seen. I'll keep you guys updated as I hear things. Thanks again for all the prayers!  


Erika said...

I sooo need a time like that!I always fell refreshed and inspired after a good conference...I've never been to a women retreat before sounds like a fun time!

Unknown said...

Oh how wonderful! Glad you had a nice retreat with the Lord!
I'm reading Give Them Grace by Fitzpatrick with a few other moms. Truly a life changing/ parenting changing book!
No new news is good news? will be praying for you!